It's that time of year again

Happy Holidays

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and to make things better, we are giving back to the community for all of your support all year long. We have put almost everything on sale. This page is dedicated to some tips on what we are doing and why.

Hot tips

Easter Egg Deals

The reason why we do this sale once a year is to try and help the community get their cars done and back on the road. So to try and help as many people as we can, we will be adding some super special deals on the website randomly throughout the weekend. We will also be restocking some of the deals throughout the weekend too.

Why not just put it all on sale at once?

We wanted to make things fair for everyone and hopefully make it fun for you to find one of the super sale deals. Some people really like to make Black Friday a sport to find that Exceptional Deal. Some people have even gotten very creative on trying to snag all the deals up and then reselling the items at a much higher price. 

When will the parts ship?

We will begin shipping on Tuesday, December 3rd. This will allow us to Consolidate orders for customers who have made multiple orders over the course of the sale. The exception to this is that we will have a few items that we will be Pre-Sale items that we will make to order or provide a restoration service on (Steering Racks)

Small Business Saturday will feature some different sale items so be sure to check back.
Small Business Saturday will feature some different sale items so be sure to check back.
To make it more interesting

You will have a chance to Win

Every purchase will give you a chance to win a piece of art that you can not buy and will be customized just for you. We may even have your car if you have made it to any of the 914 World events in the past few years. We will have multiple winners with winners each day.