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Mark's Corner: Announcing the acquisition of a 1974 2.0 LE Can-Am car by 914Rubber

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 5:22 PM

Say hello to our new Bumblebee 914! So first off what the heck is a Can Am or Limited Edition (LE) car?


In 1974 Porsche decided to capitalize on their success in Can Am racing and introduced a Limited Edition series of 1000 cars in 2 color schemes (500 each). The first was option was Black with Sunflower Yellow, also known as a Bumblebee, and the second option was Ivory White with Phoenix red, also called a Creamsicle.

Karl Schulz's LE Creamsicle from our Customer Car Story in May.

It’s easy to see that the how the black and yellow got its nickname, but why was the white and red called a Creamsicle? The red actually has a strong orange tint and against the white body it really looks orange.

So these colorful cars were definitely eye catching but to many the color schemes were seen as over the top. Most of these cars went into hiding as subsequent owners removed the orange and yellow decals from the car and repainted the wheels and front valance. Many were lost to the rust monster before their notoriety ever came to light.

There are a few ways to spot an LE car. The front valances were built from a heavier fiberglass and featured a notch in the center to allow for more cooling in the engine compartment. They look like this - https://914rubber.com/limited-edition-fiberglass-front-spoiler-for-914 Some retain the metal tabs that mounted to the back of the spoiler on the bottom of the undercarriage of the vehicle.

These cars all came with the M-778 CanAm equipment package from the factory. This was the only year it was available. It is also the only way to know you truly have a LE car. The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from Porsche will specify whether or not your car originally came with this package.

Jeff Bowsbly maintains a registry of the Limited Edition cars on his website and currently has 277 surviving cars listed at https://bowlsby.net/914/CanAm/. If you have verified that you own one and have not yet registered, now is a great time to do so.

With the rare opportunity to acquire one presenting itself we had no choice other than to buy it. This car is fairly unmodified from its original state and we will be sharing updates on the disassembly and rebirth of this car. We are excited to have this opportunity to restore a part of history with you.


Mark Whitesell

AKA Mikey914 on world
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1 Comment

posted on Monday, July 11, 2022 6:30 PM
Congrats on the bee! Regarding your post about the factory front spoiler, it's actually not heavy fiberglass at all, but rather a lightweight piece made from what appears to be white chopped glass, much more fragile than aftermarket pieces. Jeff Bowlsby details this on his page. Can't wait to see the transformation of this car as you bring it back to life. Do you have a thread on this at 914World?