Video Library for installing our parts

LCD Replacement for 986/996 Climate Control Unit

Christine Reed Replaces the LCD in a 996

Installing your Restored Steering Rack

We now offer a restoration service for your steering rack. For 911, 912, 914 and 913's. Ian Karr shows how to install it back into the car

How to Install our 19mm Master Cylinder with the EZ option

Upgrading to a 19mm master cylinder is a definite performance upgrade. We have also added an option to upgrade the installation of it. Watch as Ian Karr installs one in his car.

How to Bench Bleed your Master Cylinder in the car

Ian Karr shows us how to bench bleed the master cylinder after you install a new one.

How to replace your front wheel bearings on a 914

 Sloppy wheel bearings are nothing to mess around with. Learn how to replace them with some low tech methods. 

How to remove the control Arms on a 914

After 50 years your car many not be performing more like a big old Buick than the awesome sports car that it is. You probably need to replace some of the rubber in your suspension.  Let's start with the control arm bushings.

More videos

Porsche 914 on a lift. Restoration of a 914

Find out what makes our performance spring's so special

We were able to get the best spring manufacturers in the world to engineer performance spring's specifically for 914's. See how there made.

How to install your new 914 Rubber Dash top

We were very fortunate to have the stars line up on this one. We happened to bring our 1st dash tops to Okteenerfest. Brad Meuyer was there and Mr Flagg had a complete dash display out of his race car. He was kind enough to allow us to do an installation video on his display so you can see all the tricks to getting this job done.

How to replace your Alternator wiring harness

Ian Karr shows us how to swap out your old harness for a brand new one.

How to install the engine tin seals

Ian Karr shows us the trick to installing the engine tin seals.

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