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Liquid Crystal Displays

LCD Replacements for 986 and 996 climate control units

For many years now we have been providing replacement parts to solve problems as economically as possible.

Learn how to replace yours now.

New Wiring Harnesses

New Porsche 914 Wiring Harnesses to make your car run like new again.

Now that our cars are turning 50 years old, you may have some gremlins that are very hard to track down. You can spend hours in a shop $$$ trying to track them down. You may want to consider relacing the old wireing harnesses with brand new ones.

Steering Rack Restorations

Freshly restored ZF steering rack in a Porsche 914. Air Cooled Porsche 911 912 and 914 Steering Rack

We have manufactured a litany of parts for all of the variations that are not well documented on all of the parts that wear down over time in your steering rack. We don't rebuild steering racks we Restore them. We have stock now of restored racks ready to ship.

New performance Springs


914 Rubber has teamed up with legendary Eibach Manufacturing to produce performance Springs for your 914

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Did you know that we now stock PMB restored Calipers for your Porsche 914? We support the 914 Community and we believe that Eric and his team are the es in the business at restoring your calipers. However there are times that you can't wait to get them back. (like when you car is in someone else's shop) We are here for you. We have them completed and ready to ship. Just send your cores back when you replace them

New polished Wheel Center Caps


We have been making these for years but now we offer a polished version of the 914 Wheel Center Caps that are more like the original factory ones.

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