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Customer Cars: Gary Stein's 1974 914 LE Creamsicle

Monday, June 14, 2021 4:31 PM

We love seeing what exciting projects our customers are currently working on. Every month we would like to showcase a couple of cars in whatever state they are in - on the road or on the rack.

Our first customer car story is from Gary Stein. Gary's love for Porsches started in 1973 when he got a 1.7 L 914 brand new off the lot. He kept this car around until 1980, when he fell in love with a 1980 silver 924 S and sold his 914 to fund it. After several years and several different rides, Gary never lost his passion for the 914.

Last March he purchased a 1974 914 LE Creamsicle from Paul Miller and after several long months spent restoring the car to original condition he was finally able to start driving it. 

Despite owning a 1986 930 Slantnose,1987 944 Turbo, and 2010 911 GT3, he says this is still his most fun car to drive and it brings him back to his younger days. Thank you for sharing this awesome story Gary!

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