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Customer Cars: Steve Sweeney's 1973 2.0L 914

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 4:03 PM

We love seeing what exciting projects our customers are currently working on. Every month we would like to showcase a couple of cars in whatever state they are in - on the road or on the rack.

This month's customer car story comes from Steve Sweney. Steve is the original owner of this 1973 2.0L with the appearance group package.

Steve bought the car fresh off the dealer lot in Elkhart, Indianna back in the early 70's. He linked up with his local PCA and got into the racing scene. This quickly became his road event car and has earned him 2 second-place finishes at the PCA Parade auto cross, including 1 at Road America. The car has spent several club days at Road Atlanta and has taken on Gingerman Raceway and Grattan Raceway! 

Steve and his family now reside in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina where the car enjoys the comfort of a garage shared with his other, younger Porsches. The 914 is now adorned with a Bronze Star License plate in honor of Steve's combat vet brother. Thank you for the great submission Steve, and thank you to your brother for his service!

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