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Customer Cars: Utah Valley University Racing Team's Endurance 914

Friday, February 10, 2023 3:21 PM

We love seeing what exciting projects our customers are currently working on. Every month we would like to showcase a couple of cars in whatever state they are in - on the road or on the rack.

This month's customer car story comes from Matt Hasara. Matt is an Assistant Professor who is sharing the Utah Valley University racing team's student-built 914.

The team is made up of college students from the automotive and engineering departments of the university. For almost 5 years, the team drove a Miata in endurance races and then decided to start a new project during the Covid-19 restrictions. This led them to acquire a 914 as the program's new endurance race car. The car has a GT chassis reinforcement kit welded in along with a full roll cage and a removable petty bar. It has also been completely stripped out to reduce as much weight as possible.


Brembo brakes have been added up front along with a set of 993 brake cooling deflectors and M-calipers have been installed in the rear. A full GT oil cooler has been set up in the front and a transmission cooler has been installed in the rear. The team plans to run a 2.7-liter 911 S engine with a 901 transmission that has been modified with shortened gears. if everything goes well they are hoping to get the car on track this spring for testing and preparation for a race in August.


The racing team students learn  many different types of skills - from engine building, to suspension setup, trackside prep, and even some driving skills. This also gives them the opportunity to develop team leadership skills as they work with their peers. Plus, they learn to work with social media promoting their efforts and successes. It's been a very rewarding project for everyone.

Thank you for sharing this awesome story about dedication and teamwork, Matt! We look forward to hearing more about this car when it's ready to take on the track and bring home the gold!

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