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Mark's Corner: Ken's 1974 2.0L 914

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 7:06 PM

As many of you know, I have a day job. The parts business is my passion project. I like to catch up with customers as I travel the country. Some have become good friends. It's always nice to see what they do with their cars and how they drive them.

An Afternoon with Ken in Hawaii

Ken is a recent customer who is currently working on his brakes. I mentioned that I would be on his Island in a week or so and that perhaps we could catch up. I knew I had found Ken's place because his 914 (74 2.0L with Carbs) was prominently parked in his driveway.


I noted the car was in primer and asked him about his paint plans. Ken's quite happy with it as it is given that he drives the car routinely, so it's not a big deal if he gets a scratch - its got that rat rod look.

Be Seen and Be Heard

The 5 lug Fuchs conversion and 2.0 L were what really made this car stand out for him. He also has 2 LED light strips mounted on the front bumper to use as running lights. Ken's currently finishing up the master cylinder and plans to upgrade the backlighting in the instrument gauge cluster to LEDs. Ken has added an extra pair of speakers directly to the longs as well as a sub-woofer in the front trunk. This helps hear the sound with the top off.


The 914 has some company. It's cousin, the 911, is fun to drive also but he really enjoys the 914 the most. It's more of a street legal go-cart. He actually gets more looks in the 914 as there aren't many on the island.


One of the most unique features of his growing Porsche stable is his security system. His attack tortoise fends of any would-be thieves. This is definitely a Hawaiian car.

Thanks for your hospitality Ken! Always nice to catch up with a fellow enthusiast. 

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