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Mark's Corner: The Future of the 914

Thursday, August 26, 2021 5:10 PM

We can all agree the times we are living in are definitely not what we have seen over the previous parts of our lives. This is a time of great change and advancements that will alter the way we all live and work.


We are finally seeing a migration to the electric vehicle as prices for them are becoming comparable to the ICE vehicles we have grown up with.  If you are wondering what ICE stands for (I just heard this last night) it's an acronym for the term Internal Combustion Engine. My response to this is why bother with the acronym when the word GAS has the same number of letters and is more commonly understood? I guess I’m just getting old and cranky. Either way, it’s a brave new world with both exciting and disappointing changes.


For example, the new Tesla truck, yes it’s looks like a lunar rover, but the stats are impressive.  With a fully optioned drivetrain, the 0-60 time is less than 2.9 seconds which can rival almost any sports car. The range can top 500 miles. This is just the tip of the iceberg as Ford commits 30 Billion to make electric vehicles through 2025. It's almost hard to imagine no longer needing to go to a gas station and waking up to a full tank every morning, and some cars even have the ability to power your house in the event of a blackout - wow.


It seems we have reached the tipping point where GAS engines may become a thing of the past. For those that have been around long enough you might remember the song Red Barchetta by RUSH. Well it could be a realty in our lifetimes. We are beginning to see the prices on our cars move upwards and there are many indicators that this could, and probably will, continue to skyrocket as the stigma of these cars lessens. Unfortunately, this may price out many enthusiasts. It won't help that German bankers are telling investors to buy up old Porsche cars.


I do believe that we are in the cross-hairs since air cooled cars are already a novelty and the sound and feel can't be duplicated. At least Porsche is investing in continuing to be able to get the fuel we will need for our vehicles. My takeaway is that now is the time to repair and drive your 914 before it becomes too valuable to enjoy properly - on the road.

Happy motoring,  

aka Mikey914

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1 Comment

Alex Fleites
posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 6:28 PM
Hello there,

Just traded a 1975 Honda Civic for a 1974 914 1.8 with a rod knock, super happy with it so far and I am more thrilled to see an active enthusiast scene for the 914!